What problem does the LED power supply need to solve? Aug 11
In the current lighting market, LED drive power is gradually accepted by people due to its low power consumption, low heat generation, and long lifespan. LED drive has become more and more important in the market.

In LED lighting, the most important thing is dimming and thermal balance. How to solve these problems is the problem to be solved by the current LED power supply. With the solution of this problem, the concept of "LED drive" is gradually put forward.

For constant current LED drive, it can maintain a constant current within a certain voltage range. This avoids the interference of output voltage fluctuations, or the interference of resistance changes caused by the temperature rise of the LED. Constant current power supplies generally list their working current value and output voltage range

constant voltage LED driver

If you need to make a high-power LED lamp, then the constant current LED driver is a better choice. Because its current value is fixed, and the lamp works under its rated current to ensure its service life. Sometimes we can see a Tc point on the label of the LED driver, which is the highest temperature point on the housing when the LED driver is working.

Of course, the constant voltage LED driver is more flexible to use in low-power applications, such as cabinet lights and decorative light strips. When using this kind of lamps, the power consumption is generally seldom considered.

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