F9.9 Outboard motor

Product series:

Max. output(kw)7.2
Max. RPM range4500-5500
Bore x Stroke(mm)56X43
Weight(kg)S:41.5 L:42
Gear ratio27:13(2.08)
Gear shift positionF-N-R
Ignition systemCDI
Cooling systemWater cooling
Starting systemManual/Electric start
Control systemTiller control/Remote control
Standard capacity of fuel tank (L)12

Product details

Optional models:

· HDF9.9HS – Manual start,tiller control,short shaft

· HDF9.9HL – Manual start,tiller control, long shaft

· HDF9.9FES– Electric start,remote control,short shaft

· HDF9.9FEL– Electric start,remote control,long shaft

· HDF9.9HES– Electric start,tiller control,short shaft

· HDF9.9HEL– Electric start,tiller control,long shaft


· Fitted with timer,more convenient for maintenance.

· Digital CDI (capacitor discharge) Ignition system, fast start, smooth acceleration

· Suitable and more convenient for shoal navigation in rivers, shallow bays and creeks

· Low fuel consumption, low noise, strong power

· Approved with EU CE certification, China Classification Society CCS certification

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