What is the cause of light flashing caused by triac dimming? Sep 22

Triac dimming is widely used in the LED lighting industry. Many customers like to use triac dimming to adjust lamps. So what are the several factors that cause LED lamps to flicker with triac dimming:

1. Caused by rush current

Because the triac dimming power supply front-cutting chopper allows the input voltage to always be at the peak position, the input filter capacitor will receive a larger inrush current at this time, which can cause the thyristor to be cut off, causing the thyristor to continue to restart .

triac dimmable led power supply

Second, caused by the triac holding current

The power levels of triac dimmers currently on the market are different. The current is generally kept within the range of 7~75mA. Once it is turned on, the current of the SCR must be greater than this value to keep it continuous. Turn on, otherwise it will turn off by itself.

If the conduction is small, it may also cause the LED lights to flicker. Therefore, the input voltage and current source are relatively small, which may cause the current to fail, the chip power supply fails, and the circuit stops working. This will cause the LED lights to flicker.

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