What is DMX512 driver and used for? Sep 03

The led dmx driver DMX512 protocol was first developed by the USITT (American Theater Technology Association) to control the dimmer from the console with a standard digital interface. DMXmeans Digital Multiplex Signal. Contrary to DALI, which is used to express static effects, DMX512 is mainly used to express the dynamic effects of the illuminated object, that is, DMX-controlled lights give people the feeling that they are constantly changing, mainly color changes, suitable for rendering atmosphere, so general applications In landscape lights and stage lights.

100w dmx led driver

It is sometimes called DMX 512 because it can be used to control up to 512 "channels". In order to better understand the word "channel", please treat the "channel" of DMX as "color", so if you have RGB light, the light will use 3 "channels" or "color". You can control up to 170 RGB lights in a DMX environment or up to 512 monochrome lights in a DMX environment. Each lamp is addressed in 512 universes using DMX decoder / driver. You can program the light scene according to the DMX address assigned to each lamp.

Currently Smarts offer a full range of UL dmx led drivers with UL FCC approval. Available in 30w-300w, 12vdc & 24vdc. 1-5 channels for single, CCT, RGB , RGBCW lights. The 100w dmx led driver constant current is in the development and will come out soon.  Any further details you need, freely to contact us.

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