What are the advantages of the long strip dimming power supply? Sep 10

The long strip series 0-10v dimming LED power supply is a constant voltage output mode power supply, with constant voltage (12V/24V) constant voltage output, but the current output is also in a constant current region voltage, allowing the power supply to directly drive high-power LEDs. A safe current.


Strip series 0-10v dimming LED power supply provides output power from 30-150 watts. When your lamp needs a certain voltage to operate, the long series 0-10v dimming LED power supply is just right. The long strip power supply brings many benefits to the LED lighting industry


Ultra-thin LED power supply


The long strip series 0-10v dimming LED power supply is mainly used in the light box advertising lighting industry. It has UL certification, overload and overheat protection, and the IP67 waterproof rating solves it. It can become a perfect choice for those difficult outdoor applications. The environment requires power to maintain safe and reliable performance,


Small installation space

Strip series 0-10v dimming Ultra-thin LED power supply with small size design, small size and easy installation, it is the best installation solution for special or narrow spaces.

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