How is the IP67 waterproof rating standard defined? Aug 13

IP rating is an international standard for the dust and water resistance of measuring equipment. In the two-digit IP code, the first number represents the level of protection against foreign objects (including dust). The second number indicates the waterproof level of the device. The obtained IP rating must be certified and independently tested before it can be marked on the product description.

LED waterproof power supply

The wording of the waterproof rating is "IP+(number A)+(number B)". The number A represents the dustproof level, and the number B represents the waterproof level. The IP67 level is 6, the waterproof level is 7, and the number 6 means completely sealed. To prevent the intrusion of foreign objects and dust, the number 7 means that it can resist being soaked in 1 meter deep water for 30 minutes. For daily use, the IP67 waterproof rating of the led power supply is sufficient

Under normal circumstances, LED waterproof power supply adopt IP65 grade to meet general needs, and SMARTS LED waterproof driver meet the IP67 grade standard.

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