How is the LED non-stroboscopic power supply evaluated? Sep 06, 2021
Light is a measure of modern civilization. Many people spend more than 8 hours in light during a day's work. In the choice of lamps, a comfortable lighting space plays a crucial factor in improving work efficiency. From the current technical perspective, isolation drive technology that takes into account both high efficiency and high PF value is everywhere, but it is very difficult to achieve "no flicker, high efficiency and high PF value".

In addition to having a good design and materials to determine the quality of a class 2 power supply, an efficient and stable integrated circuit is also needed. The traditional structure of the 60W dimmable power supply is too complicated in certain structures in the circuit design, resulting in large heat generation of the circuit, poor dynamic performance, difficult control of the circuit quality, and low conversion efficiency.

60W dimmable power supply

When matching LED lamps, it is often difficult to choose the right product or very sensitive to the price. Sometimes even the matched product cannot meet the customer's requirements. But we often overlook the value represented by the quality of the Triac power supply itself.

  In the selection of power components and materials, are the lines of the copper foil of the circuit board regular? The groove width of the high voltage part should be more than 1 mm. Inductive components should be coated with insulating glue; preferably, the circuit board should also be coated with three-proof paint.

   The tertiary tube and IC are clearly marked. Use UL1007, AWG24 or better wire for the lead. In addition to handling the details in place and regularity, a high-quality class 2 power supply also needs to hold it with a calm texture.  

   With the increasing tension of global energy issues and the ban on sales and production of incandescent lamps worldwide, energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED lighting has sprung up. The mass production and mass marketing of products are of course indispensable, the product evaluation standards.

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